Public Programme: Drawing Is/Not Building & Living Cities–




6pm Wednesday 22 April

LT 1 Ground Floor, School of Architecture

Vivian Street


Behavioral Formation and Composite Prototypes

Melbourne-based architect Roland Snooks will speak about the generative design processes and robotic fabrication techniques he is developing that are opening up a new set of architectural possibilities and implications for form, structure and ornament. Snooks is a founding partner of Kokkugia and director of Studio Roland Snooks and senior lecturer at RMIT University where he directs the Architectural Robotics Lab. He has taught and presented widely in the USA, Europe and Australia.


Floor Talk

4.30pm Friday 24 April

Adam Art Gallery

Gate 3, Kelburn Parade

Join Roland Snooks, Sarah Treadwell and Simon Twose for a tour of Drawing Is/Not Building and stay on to attend the opening of the Adam Art Gallery’s new exhibitions at 6pm.


Artist’s Talk

2.00pm Saturday 25 April

Adam Art Gallery

Gate 3, Kelburn Parade

Join Richard Frater at the Adam Art Gallery for an artist’s talk.


Film Screenings

6pm 7 May, 21 May, 5 June

Adam Art Gallery

Gate 3, Kelburn Parade

Come along for a casual drink and an opportunity to view films chosen by each architect as a complement to their work in Drawing Is/Not Building.


Roundtable Discussion

2-4pm Saturday 30 May

Adam Art Gallery

Gate 3, Kelburn Parade

A discussion moderated by Simon Twose about the issues raised by the exhibition Drawing Is/Not Building, which will feed into the publication documenting the project.