Caring for the Collection

The Victoria University of Wellington Art Collection is on permanent display in public areas of campus buildings for the benefit of students, staff and visitors to the university. The collection is a resource for research, study, exhibition, and the cultural and educational enrichment of the University and wider community. Works from the collection are periodically seen in AAG exhibitions.

The purposes of the Victoria University of Wellington Art Collection are to:

  • enhance the physical spaces of the university
  • enable the University community to come into contact with a representative collection of New Zealand art
  • serve as a tool for teaching
  • extend the reach of the University as a destination for visitors
  • and reinforce the University’s status as a creative and cultural leader.

The Adam Art Gallery Te Pātaka Toi manages the collection. Gallery staff are responsible for the presentation of works and for their ongoing care and we maintain and update documentation on the collection. The level of care applied to the collection is appropriate to its nature as a campus display collection and accordingly differs from museum standards. Nonetheless, we rely on the assistance of general and teaching staff, students and contractors to ensure the collection is cared for and able to be enjoyed by all.

Please see the attached guidelines which provide further information about how you can help us in this endeavour.

General staff and contractors guidelines for care of artworks at Victoria University of Wellington

Victoria University of Wellington Art Collection Information for staff

If you notice a work of art is in danger, has been damaged or is missing, please Gallery staff immediately:
Tel: +64 4 463 5504

Please complete an incident report if you notice or cause damage to a work of art or are concerned that a work may have been moved without authorisation.