Alive!: Still life into the twenty first century

27 February – 29 April 2001

Tony de Lautour, Untitled (skull vase) 1998

et al., David Clegg, Shane Cotton, Derrick Cowie, Bill Culbert, Judy Darragh, Neil Dawson, Dick Frizzell, Rudolf Gopas, Agnes Hegedus, Louise Henderson, Gavin Hipkins, Megan Jenkinson, Denise Kum, Tony de Lautour, Jae hoon Lee, Colin McCahon, Douglas MacDiarmid, Alvin Pankhurst, Peter Peryer, Seraphine Pick, Patrick Pound, Jude Rae, Dorothy Kate Richmond, Huhana Smith, Kathy Temin, Yvonne Todd, Kay Walsh, Louise Weaver, Brendon Wilkinson, and Emily Wolfe

The traditional genres that have been used to define art history–landscape, still life, portraiture–appear less frequently in art today but offer a number of perspectives on contemporary practice. ALIVE! looked at the role of still life in New Zealand art from the last century to now to indicate how the still life genre has been appropriated, reworked or rethought by artists.

Curated by Zara Stanhope.


An exhibition catalogue was published alongside ALIVE! and is available here