in camera: a project series around and about collecting

4 June - 18 December 2011

(A Film Called) Ellipsis, Anna Sanderson in residence 2011


4 June–10 July 2011
g. bridle
The Inimical: A Selection from the Retreat
g.bridle collects objects and images and then brings them together in new configurations using the gallery as a ‘sanctuary’ where different connections can be made. By such means the artist proposes a model of practice whereby the lines between making, collecting and arranging are blurred and questions are raised about how things acquire or are imbued with aura and thus granted meaning.

16 July – 21 August
Richard Frater, Chris Prosser, Anna Sanderson
(A Film Called) Ellipsis
In Continuous Project Altered Daily (October Books, 1993) American artist Robert Morris proposes how sculpture can accommodate time and the environment. Inspired by this collection of writing, three different practitioners took up residence in the gallery to produce an accumulative environment—akin to a film in the making—to reflect on the act of collecting as a process in time. Musician and composer Chris Prosser sampled material from his personal archive of musical scores; artist Richard Frater presented a compilation of New Zealand moving image on the natural environment; and writer Anna Sanderson responded to the ceramic collections held at Victoria University of Wellington.
Curated by Laura Preston.

27 August – 2 October
Leonid Tishkov and Boris Bendikov
Private Moon
Utilising humour, satire and poetic tenderness, Moscow-based artists Leonid Tishkov and Boris Bendikov provide poignant insights into the human condition, particularly the relationship between personal will and state control as experienced in Soviet Russia. This exhibition presented their most recent series of large-scale colour photographs. Each depicts an intimate and evolving relationship between a man and his Private Moon.
Exhibition organised by Marcus Williams, Unitec, Auckland.

8 October – 13 November
The Victorian Album, the Feminine and the Personal
During the Victorian era, photography became remarkably popular and accessible, stimulated in part by the technological innovation of the carte-devisite process. This exhibition examined the way in which New Zealand women utilised this new medium, presenting work that has rarely—and in many cases never—been displayed or reproduced, to provide a fascinating window into Pakeha and Maori women’s experience of modernity and the complex cultural interweavings of late colonial society.
Curated by Dr Sandy Callister, Resident Scholar, Stout Research Centre, Victoria University of Wellington.

19 November – 18 December
Shadowgraphs: Photographic Portraits by Len Lye
Drawn primarily from the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery collection, this exhibition presented almost all the photogram portraits made by Len Lye in 1947, a body of work that until recently was neither well known nor fully understood. Here Lye’s works will be contextualised in relation to the tradition of the silhouette portrait and the camera-less photograph. This is the Adam Art Gallery’s biennial student-led project which enables students to research, write about and present an exhibition on a unique body of work.
Curated by Professor Geoffrey Batchen and his Art History Honours students.

Adam Art Gallery Public Programme June-Dec 2011 [PDF]