Our patrons and sponsors


The Chartwell Trust
Malcolm Brow
Eleanor Congreve
Tony Kerridge
Michael Lett
Andrew Thomas
Inge Woolf
Deborah Hart
Simon Woolf
Jan Warburton Trust

Founding Patrons
Denis and Verna Adam
Erika and Robin Congreve
The Chartwell Trust
The Community Trust of Wellington

Building Patrons
Tim and Helen Beaglehole
John Beaglehole
Rick and Jenny Carylon
Thane Smith
Peter and Deborah Cutfield
Peter and Caroline Diessl
Alan Gibbs
Jenny Gibbs
Taihuia and Neil Gray
Hirschfeld family
Avenal and John McKinnon
Ivor and Jane Richardson
Turnovsky Endowment Trust
Malcolm and Christine Small
John and Tina Todd
Margaret Trotter

Collection Benefactors
Gordon H. Brown
Tim Beaglehole
Billy Apple
Jim Barr and Mary Barr
Peter Lloyd
Eddie Clemens







Sponsors for individual exhibitions and events are acknowledged in the information about each project. Visit Exhibitions & Events to find out more.