Amit Charan

Amit Charan 2009

Amit Charan’s works are often small gestures and invitations which begin in an exhibition and develop into other formations. The work itself either undergoes subtle transformation or encourages a change in atmosphere for where the work is positioned. The visual component in his work remains minimal and understated only to emphasize the conceptual strategies at play. As he says, he wants works to have a presence without relying heavily on the visual. For this project Charan constructed a virtual skyscraper, an intangible form that makes its effects known — the .gif caused this website to crash.

Charan has a Bachelor of Media Arts from Waikato Institute of Technology, Hamilton, 2005 and a Postgraduate Diploma in Fine Arts from Massey University, Wellington, 2006. Recent projects include: Smashed to pieces, Gambia Castle, Auckland, 2008; Proto-Investigations, Ramp Gallery, Waikato Institute of Technology, 2007 and An introduction to the theory of everything, Hirschfeld Gallery, City Gallery Wellington, 2006.

Santiago Sierra, 300 tons, Austria, 2004
Channeling Brancusi’s The Endless Column via Santiago’s 300 tons

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