Curatorial Map of Thoughts

the model
The Concept of Model / Alan Badiou
The Event as Creative Novelty
Positively White Cube Revisited
Institutional Critique / Simon Sheikh
There is no alternative the future is self-organised
Creating worlds / Gerald Raunig
OFSORTOFKINDOF Some Conversations around The Future is Unwritten, Amit Charan, Gaelen MacDonald, Liz Allan and Thomasin Sleigh [PDF]

Three Perspectives and a Short Scenario
Towards Anarchitecture
Triangulation of Value


Boris Groys Comrades of Time
The Trouble with Timelines / Daniel Rosenberg
A Timeline of Timelines / Sasha Archibald and Daniel Rosenberg
Up the mountains, in fiction and in fact
Torture and Remedy: The End of Isms and the Beginning Hegemony of the Impure
The Return of the Real / Hal Foster
Secrecy and Publicity / Sven Lutticken

time delay
Art, Boredom…Jan Bryant on Moment Making Artspace Auckland 2007 [PDF]
What happended? Tahi Moore for Moment Making Artspace Auckland 2007 [PDF]
Facing the Moment: On performance and the politics of presentness Amy Howden-Chapman on Moment Making Artspace Auckland 2007 [PDF]

A Short History of the Shadow: An Interview with Victor I. Stoichita
Without Shadows: Histories of Utopia / Allen S. Weiss
Living with Ghosts: From Appropriation to Invocation in Contemporary Art / Jan Verwoert
The politics of aesthetics: the distribution of the sensible

projection and potential
Beginning at the Beginning: A Timeline of Punk Music History

Fall of the Berlin Wall (November 1989)

Manifestos for the future / Hans Ulrich Obrist

Aesthetic Separation, Aesthetic Community: Scenes from the Aesthetic Regime of Art / Jacques Rancière

Collectivity, Modest proposals and Foolish Optimism / Charles Esche

Speculative review by John Hurrell

sculptural thought
Readymade Remade
Situationist International Online
Bridge and Door: Georg Simmel
Six years: the dematerialization of the art object from 1966 to 1972 / Lucy Lippard

ideas start revolutions
Objects of Study or Commodification of Knowledge? Remarks on Artistic Research
Research, Relativism, and Truth in Art
Ideology, Confrontation and Political Self-Awareness / Adrian Piper
Dada Manifesto (1918, Tristan Tzara)
Jerzy Ludwiński
Setting Fire to Paper Utopias: What is the Role of Idealism in Political Thought? David Hall [PDF]

Utterance Is Place Enough: Mapping Conversation / Frances Richard
Ludwig Wittgenstein
Representation, Contestation and Power: The Artist as Public Intellectual
The Articulation of Protest / Hito Steyerl