Kelvin Soh


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Video footage courtesy of Tom Roberton, Jeff Burch, Hanna Pesonen, Dane Mitchell, Reinoud Van Laar, Nicole Sykes, Åbäke, Brad Carter, and Brian Butler.
1 July 2009.

For this project Kelvin Soh re-activated Robert Smithson’s studies on the non-site to create a relationship to the phenomenon of online mirror sites. With a set of instructions, Soh invited a series of people in various locations to mirror the same action and produce an image.

Kelvin Soh’s practice is situated at the intersection of conceptual art and graphic design, and embraces transversality in the manufacture of ‘anxious’ or ambiguous objects that occupy ‘the space of fiction’ — a space where proposals and prototypes co-mingle with fictionalised histories. Reliant on contextual observation, coincidence and conversation as material, his work explores the production and positions of subjectivity and exchanges autonomy for a variable multiplicity that acknowledges the position of the ‘fan’ as an interlocutor of culture.

With a working hypothesis of ‘design as proposition’, he also tests out new working models with curatorial projects such as Terms of Use, 2007 and Everyday, 2006 at St Paul St Gallery, Auckland and public lectures such as Design In The Space of Fiction, 2009 at Typeshed Symposium, Wellington.