The Adam Art Gallery develops and realises exhibitions, public programmes and publications that seek to promote critical thinking and offer new insights into art and its histories. Our programme is planned in advance and is designed to offer a balance of exhibitions that address a range of media, across various historical periods, focusing on individual and group projects that are both retrospective and forward-looking. We especially set out to encourage the production of new work (in terms of both curatorial and art practice), foster interdisciplinary enquiry, and provide a platform for research into areas and approaches that are outside the mainstream or which have been overlooked, with a view to adding new knowledge and challenging established ways of thinking.

While we regularly work with other organisations and individuals and encourage them to contact us with a view to developing joint projects, and on occasion host touring exhibitions, we do not usually accept unsolicited proposals. However, if you have an idea for a project, or believe that your work may be of interest to the gallery, we are happy to receive information. We will endeavour to respond promptly on receipt of material, but do not undertake to return it. We are grateful for your interest and will usually (where appropriate) add it to our archive as this is a key working resource for our research and future planning.

Please address information to:
Adam Art Gallery
Victoria University of Wellington
PO Box 600
Wellington 6140
New Zealand


Click here for a pdf of Adam Art Gallery’s Exhibition Principles/Priorities 2017-2020.