Marie Shannon: Rooms Found Only in the Home
28 April – 24 June  2018   

This is the first survey exhibition dedicated to the photographic work of Marie Shannon. It is a touring show organised by Dunedin Public Art Gallery. Shannon is an Auckland-based artist whose career began in the mid 1980s and who has developed a substantial body of photo-collages, text-based works, and videos. Her focus is on the twin worlds of her domestic life and her career as an artist whose contact with other artists is at once familial yet also politically charged.



Elizabeth Price: A RESTORATION
28 April – 24 June  2018

A RESTORATION, by 2012 Turner Prize winning British artist Elizabeth Price, is a two-channel video commissioned in response to the collections and archives of the Ashmolean and Pitt Rivers museums produced in partnership with the Pitt Rivers Museum and The Ruskin School of Art. The 15-minute, two-screen digital video installation employs the museums’ photographic and graphic archives. It is a fiction, set to melody and percussion, which is narrated by a ‘chorus’ of museum administrators who are organising the records of Arthur Evans’s excavation of the Cretan city of Knossos. The administrators use Evans’s extraordinary documents and photographs to figuratively reconstruct the Knossos Labyrinth within the museum’s computer server. They then imagine its involuted space as a virtual chamber through which museum objects digitally flow, clatter and cascade.


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