Summer Intensive 2017


Summer Intensive: Researching, Writing, Curating
23 January – 17 February 2017

This intensive four-week workshop introduces researching, writing and curating – three activities central to the production of knowledge about art. Led by Christina Barton, Director of the Adam Art Gallery at Victoria University, the course involves a mix of lectures, workshops and discussions with artists, writers, curators, publishers and arts professionals. Beginning with two weeks in Auckland followed by two weeks in Wellington, participants visit various exhibition venues in both cities. Working as a group and individually, participants develop skills in research, writing and exhibition making, and meet some of the leading figures in the art world. The aim is to increase knowledge and foster a sense of community among those who care about contemporary art. This workshop is designed to help prepare for a career in the visual arts, whether as a freelance writer, independent publisher, curator, museum professional or as a practising artist or keen consumer of contemporary art.
Target audience:
This course is suitable for higher-level students, recent graduates, postgraduates of art history, museum studies, and other relevant disciplines, emerging artists, writers, art professionals, and interested others.

Learning objectives
By the end of this course, participants will have:

  • come to understand the nature and location of research resources on contemporary art
  • developed an understanding of relevant research methods
  • been exposed to a variety of forms of art writing and the kinds of publications in circulation today
  • practised writing different kinds of texts on art, workshopping these with the group and undergoing editorial processes with the course teacher
  • visited galleries, paying close attention to the ways in which art works are presented, to understand the nature of the contexts of contemporary art and the principles of exhibition making > gained first-hand insights into the perspectives and practices of artists, researchers, curators and writers
  • embarked on your own research project and contributed to a joint research initiative, setting and delivering to milestones to understand how a project evolves from the conception of a founding idea through to delivery of a finished product
  • produced a publication-ready text or a fully-developed exhibition proposal with a list of potential venues where these could be published or presented.

Christina Barton is Director of the Adam Art Gallery and a senior lecturer
with more than 20 years’ experience teaching art history at Victoria
University of Wellington. She is well-known as a curator, writer and editor
with excellent networks in the New Zealand art world. With her long list of
publications and exhibitions she is well-suited to passing on her insights
and experiences. She is also open to learning from the next generation and
eager to ensure new voices invigorate the field.

Pdf of the Summer Intensive 2017 information guide