Chartwell Trust Student Art Writing Prize


The Chartwell Trust Student Art Writing Prize is an award that asks students of Victoria University of Wellington to write a review or essay about an exhibition at the Adam Art Gallery or a work from the Victoria University of Wellington Art Collection. The Prize has been a treasured opportunity running annually since 2001.

The prize is generously sponsored by The Chartwell Trust which provides support and patronage to a number of selected art projects, galleries and artists, with the central aim of providing opportunities for the encouragement of understanding about art both within the public art sector and the wider community.




We are pleased to announce the winner of the 2019 Chartwell Trust Student Art Writing Prize is Louis Skoog. Congratulations Louis!

The judges of this year’s prize were Christina Barton, Director of Adam Art Gallery and Melanie Oliver, Senior Curator at The Dowse Art Museum.

The judges statement:

This essay is an honest and heartfelt response to Edith Amituanai’s photographs, demonstrating how an encounter with images can trigger personal memories. Recollections of the author’s childhood are convincingly conveyed in ways that explicitly connect with specific bodies of Amituanai’s work. We were especially impressed by the author’s understanding of the cultural complexities of looking, as a young person from a different economic background. Whilst acknowledging this experiential divide they nevertheless use the encounter to access their own past as well as open themselves to, as they put it, ‘what the world feels’.

Overall, we were struck by the high quality of the entries and the number that took a personal response to their subject, using the opportunity to offer a creative response to works they encountered in the Gallery.

Read the 2019 winning essay here: A personal response to the photography of Edith Amituanai by Louis Skoog.


Malleable, Elliptical, and Scattered: Nova Paul’s Cinematic Whakapapa by Connie Brown, winner 2018

The Stars In Our Eyes by Sinead Overbye, winner 2017

An essay on the role of language in the exhibition Inhabiting Space by Evangeline Riddiford Graham, winner 2016

Ways of looking; ways of seeing by Cindy Jemmett, winner 2016

Kari Schmidt winner 2015

Simon Gennard winner 2014

Nalin Samountry winner 2013

Hadleigh Tiddy’s winner 2013

Katherine Emma Ng winner 2012 [PDF]

Sharon Taylor-Offord winner 2011 [PDF]

Kath Foster winner 2010 [PDF]

Abby Wendy winner 2009 [PDF]

Jamie Morris joint winner 2008 [pdf]

Meredith Parkin joint winner 2008 [PDF]

Stella Ramage winner 2007 [PDF]